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Lamkin Sink HD Paddle Plus Putter

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Made of an Ultra Lightweight Polyurethane compound, SINK HD putter grips provide a more comfortable putting stroke. Featuring an ergonomic curved-handle that promotes a more relaxed, stress-reducing upper hand position to stabilize and inhibit movement throughout the swing.


  • Made of an Ultra Lightweight Polyurethane compound
  • Softer than traditional rubber grips for a more comfortable feel
  • Ergonomic curved-handle profile ensures the upper hand is positioned in a more relaxed and stress-reducing angle
  • Proprietary paddle-shape encourages a consistent pendulum-like putting motion for greater accuracy
  • Unique IN surface pattern offers optimal traction for a confident grip in all weather conditions
  • Paddle Plus Core Size: 0.580
  • Paddle Plus Nominal Weight: 70.5

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