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Fitting Overview

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About GSF Fitting

Custom Fitting will help every golfer and should be taken advantage of. Whether if you started playing at age 26, 18 or 68, having your golf clubs fine tuned to your swing will dramatically help you gain more distance, striking the ball better and all your bad shots will be minimized significantly. More importantly you will be able to unlock your own potential that you never knew existed.

Not all clubs are built equally for everyone, and each individual player has their own unique ways of using them. Even the most perfect factory engineered clubs cannot take into consideration the little subtle differences of your swings, which are totally unique to you. Every club has a little more to offer to a golfer, and this optimisation is known as 'Custom Fitting'. Essentially, it involves the adjustments of the physical club, around your body's size, swing and technique. In all cases, the results are almost immediate and dramatic. And GSF possesses the technology supporting custom fittings that can reveal life changing improvements in your game and overall score.


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